Meet the Team: Introducing Academy Rider Kade Edwards


A slightly different “Meet the Team” this week in that Kade isn’t one of our support team, he’s our 2014 and 2015 Atherton Academy rider. The sharp-eyed amongst you will have already been aware of his progress through our 2014 BDS race reports   (he took all 5 rounds and the overall Juvenile title) but after Kade spent the day here… Read more

Best Moments of 2014 – Taylor Vernon


  And last but not least, the smallest, chattiest member of the GT Factory Racing team – World Cup winning, Mr Taaaaaaylor Vernon!!! GH: Hey Tay, long time since we caught up, how was Cali? TV: Milway worked us so hard I could barely remember my own name by the end of it, I was fading! GH: So 2014, best… Read more

My five favourite moments of 2014 – Martin Maes

, during the Ft William MTB World Cup, Scotland.

Continuing our look back at 2014 with the GT Factory Racing Team, this week it’s the turn of birthday boy Martin Maes!   GH: Hey Martin MM: Hey Gill, this is going to be easy, there were so many good moments for me racing with the team, and as my English gets better and I’ve got to know everybody so… Read more

My Five Favourite Moments of 2014 – Dan and Gee Atherton


When the guys over at Red Bull Bike asked Rachel for her top five favourite moments of 2014 we thought it was a bit unfair that she had to do all the work! So over the next week or so we’ll be talking to ALL of the riders about their best bits of 2014, team communications and top tea-maker  Gill… Read more

GT Factory Racing Announce Three New Partnerships for 2015


GT Factory Racing Announce Three New Partnerships for 2015. As the GT Factory Racing team throw themselves into their first intensive training camp in Del Mar, California, Atherton Racing are pleased to announce the continuation of their successful relation with GT Bicycles and to welcome three new partners for the 2015 season. Jeep, the iconic 4×4 brand will become an… Read more