Rainbow Warrior

at the 2013 UCI MTB World Championships, Pitermaritzburg, South Africa

As we head into the 2014 World championships in Hafjell reigning World Champion Rachel Atherton is ready to defend her rainbow jersey with everything she’s got. Rachel talks in her own words about her difficult World Cup season and how excited she is for the forthcoming race… “The last few weeks have been a huge turn around for me. The… Read more

3 minute blogs….Rachel Atherton

at the 2013 UCI MTB World Championships, Pitermaritzburg, South Africa

In the week of the 2014 World Championships at Hafjell in Norway we’re going to bring you our “3 minute blogs” from The GT Factory Racing Downhill team. First up is the reigning 2013 World Champion Rachel Atherton who is fired up and ready to defend her rainbow stripes. Armed with a stopwatch we sat Rachel down in the Athy… Read more

3 minute blogs – Rachel Atherton

3 minute blogs…. The GT Factory Racing Downhill team have travelled to South Africa where they are warming up (in more ways than one) for the start of the 2014 season with World Cup Round 1 at Pietermartizburg. Focus now is all on the races to come but armed with a mobile and a stopwatch we caught up with each… Read more

Training Camp 2 Malaga – Training to Mountainbiking…

rachel atherton

The transition for me from predominantly ”training” based days, to days spent mostly on the DownHill bike, is always a tricky period. The deep winter training time has become something that I love, being able to see and measure your improvements, your weaknesses and your strong points so exactly is great, and this winter we have been working very closely… Read more

Training Camp 1 Fuerteventura

Well, Hello! I cant believe that it is February already and I havent written a blog or anything about winning the World Cup Series in 2012… it meant so much to me and the support from you guys was incredible and made it that much more special. I will write one soon I promise. I learnt a lot of things… Read more